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    Having suffered physically, emotionally and spiritually from intractable undiagnosable somatic symptoms for many months, I happened upon a “natural born healer”. Jean Reed, who has known me for years, recognized the source of my affliction and after a few words of insightful caring and kindness I knew that she was the person to help me recover. And I was correct! Through conversation and daily visits we addressed a diverse agenda including stress reduction, food shopping and cooking, journal writing, (which she reviews) exercise and bimonthly small group fun activities. There’s a long list and the result has been an immediate restoration of hope and symptomatic relief. I look forward to each visit.
     Thank you, Jean Marie.
  • It all seems so simple to me.. The more we help others, the more we help ourselves and the planet. The very rich can still be very rich and the rest of us can still have basic human rights and dignity, equality, fairness, comfort, safety, peace and prosperity. Instead of the usual college courses , we all should be required to study Conversations with God God, which says we could have it ALL for EVERYONE if we really wanted to...there is abundance on all levels to do this! I deeply believe that. Yes, it’s time for a change, America! I am very excited about the true humanitarians and problem solvers with the wherewithal and the charisma, the ingenuity and expertise, knowledge and skill that will come forward to serve! We are ready! We can hold the light for the planet, every little light shines to make a difference for the highest good! With love and gratitude for all you do to hold the light! ~ Laura
  • I cannot say enough positive things about Jean as a Life Coach and holistic healer. She has helped me thru many difficult phases on my journey in life. Jean always seems to ask the right questions and say the right things to help you work out your struggles and achieve your goals. Whatever difficulties you are experiencing, know that if you are wiling to put the work in as well, you WILL reach your desired goals and destination. Jean can help with your life’s challenges BOTH physical and emotional
  • I had hurt my knee a few months back and Jean Marie had suggested rubbing Castor Oil onto the area that was hurting.  Although being a skeptic I figured I would give it a try but didn't really expect it to help.  I was surprised that there was significant relief within 30 mins or so. Still being skeptical I concluded that this was mere coincidence.  I tried the castor oil on a couple other occasions for various aches and pains, to my surprise I had relief from the pain within 30 mins every single time.  I am now a believer that Castor Oil has some kind of healing effect on the body.  I continue to use Castor Oil for other varies ailments as well, such as, sore throats and headaches.  I find that it works better than over the counter medications and its a lot cheaper. ~Debbie Gordon

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